‘Caravan Migrants’ Arrested After Illegally Crossing Texas Border, Say Feds

Border Patrol Agent arrests migrant - Laredo sector
File Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector

Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector arrested a pair of migrants who claimed to be part of the “caravan.” Agents apprehended the two Honduran nationals in separate incidents after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico into South Texas on Sunday.

Border Patrol agents encountered the two individuals in separate incidents in south Laredo, according to information obtained from Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials on Wednesday. An interview with the foreign nationals revealed the two migrants were from Honduras.

The Honduran nationals claimed they were part of the Viacrucis caravan which began marching through Mexico towards the U.S. on March 25. Approximately 700 were initially reported to be part of the group, officials stated. Many of the migrants broke off from the caravan after President Donald Trump began pressuring Mexico to interdict the caravan.

These two individuals claim to have initially be part of the “migrant caravan.” They are being processed for removal, Laredo Sector officials stated.

Support groups claimed that “caravan migrants” were finally allowed to enter the U.S. through the San Ysidro Port of Entry late last week, Breitbart Texas reported. On April 30, the Department of Justice announced that prosecutors filed charges against 11 “caravan migrants” for illegally entering the U.S. while others were waiting at the port of entry.

“When respect for the rule of law diminishes, so too does our ability to protect our great nation, its borders, and its citizens,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in the statement. “The United States will not stand by as our immigration laws are ignored and our nation’s safety is jeopardized. U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman and his team should be commended for quickly filing illegal entry charges for individuals apprehended along the southwestern border. We will continue to work with our partners in each U.S. Attorney’s Offices to aggressively pursue prosecutions of criminal illegal entry.”

The discovery of the alleged “caravan migrants” who illegally crossed the border marks the furthest eastern entry that individuals with this group have been apprehended. In mid-April, a group of 61 people claiming to be part of the caravan were arrested by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents. The 59 Guatemalans, one Mexican, and one Salvadoran were joined by an MS-13 member before they made their illegal entry into southern Arizona.

The entry of the Honduran “caravan migrants” in South Texas comes as Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector are dealing with large numbers of Bangladeshi nationals at the border. On Wednesday, Breitbart Texas reported the arrest of the 229th Bangladeshi national this fiscal year in the Laredo Sector. This week, the agents also arrested a Syrian national who illegally crossed the border.

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