Mexican Army Kills 3 Gulf Cartel Men, Rescues Border City Kidnapping Victim

Reynosa Shootout 4
Breitbart Border / Cartel Chronicles

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Mexican soldiers rescued a kidnapping victim and killed three Gulf Cartel gunmen. The shootout comes after a series of clashes between police forces and cartel members.

The rescue took place late last week just behind a gas processing plant called “Burgos” on the south side of Reynosa. According to information provided to Breitbart News by law enforcement sources, a convoy of Mexican soldiers were patrolling dirt roads near the plant which have been used in the past by cartel members to move without drawing attention.

The soldiers spotted a white SUV and another vehicle and moved to intercept them. Rather than stop, the Gulf Cartel gunmen began shooting and tried to flee the area. The chase ended shortly after when the vehicle got stuck in a ditch and the gunmen made their stand.

The military killed the three gunmen and found a kidnapping victim inside the white SUV. Authorities also seized a second vehicle and eight rifles. Soon after the shootout, cartel gunmen set up a series of blockades and threw road spikes in the southern part of the city. No casualties were reported.

Editor’s Note: Breitbart News traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities.  The writers would face certain death at the hands of the various cartels that operate in those areas including the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas if a pseudonym were not used. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by “A.C. Del Angel” from Tamaulipas. 


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