Former LULAC District Director Charged for Voting Twice in 2020 Texas Primary

Isabel Calderon
Howard County

A LULAC “paid member” in Big Spring, Texas, faces a charge of illegal voting after she reportedly voted twice in the 2020 primary. The woman, who previously served as the district director of the local LULAC chapter, allegedly voted in person during early voting and again on primary election day.

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office arrested 46-year-old Isabel Calderon on charges relating to illegally voting twice in the 2020 primary earlier this year, KBST News reported. Records obtained by investigators for the county indicate that Calderon voted in the early voting period for the primary election. She then allegedly came back on election day and voted again. Both times, she allegedly voted in person.

Following an investigation by Texas Ranger Tod Reed, the court in Big Spring issued an arrest warrant for Calderon’s arrest. The Texas Ranger took over the investigation after Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker recused himself because his name appears on the ballot in this year’s election.

The Texas Secretary of State’s office contacted Howard County election officials after an audit revealed Calderon reportedly had two ballots issued to her in the primary election. Ranger Reed interviewed the woman and she allegedly confessed to voting twice, the local news outlet reported.

“After each election, an audit is conducted to ensure voting activity is documented for each voter,” Howard County Election Administrator Jodi Duck said in a written statement. “Even though the ballot is secret, the day, party affiliation, and voting location is noted for each voter. It was discovered that one voter had duplicate activity for the March Primary Election held March 3, 2020. My office investigated and it was determined that the voter indeed voted twice by personal appearance, once during early voting and once on Election Day.”

Duck said she contacted the Howard County Attorney for guidance on how to proceed with the matter. After that meeting, the investigation was turned over to the Texas Rangers.

“It was absolutely necessary to come forward with this information and to allow for an outside review of the situation,” Duck concluded. “It was an unfortunate circumstance and I am taking the steps to ensure our volunteers are prepared as well as educating our voters on the law.”

KBST News reported they confirmed that Calderon is a “paid member of the local LULAC organization in Big Spring,” in reference to dues.

LULAC District 22 (Big Spring) Deputy District Director Nati Saldivar spoke with Breitbart Texas regarding Calderon’s role in the local chapter. She confirmed that Calderon briefly served as district director to fill the unexpired term of the previous director who passed away.

“She didn’t do anything as director,” Saldivar said in a phone interview. “She didn’t hold meetings–she didn’t do anything.”

Saldivar said that when chapter elections were held in February, Calderon did not submit her name for the position. “But then, she tries to wrap herself in the LULAC blanket after being arrested,” Saldivar said. “She holds no title and no position in our organization.”

Saldivar said she felt that Calderon lied to police about current LULAC affiliations during questioning for some kind of leverage.

In a statement posted on the chapter’s Facebook page, Saldivar wrote, “There has been an arrest of a BS resident on Illegal Voting. Isabel Calderon was arrested yesterday. She voted twice in the Republican primary in March.”

She continued, “I will go on record and state Isabel Calderon is a LULAC member and LULAC does not condone this type of behavior. Isabel Calderon acted on her OWN accord. By NO means was LULAC involved nor will we tolerate ANY illegal activity.”

Public Interest Legal Foundation President J. Christian Adams responded to the arrest saying, “LULAC spends enormous energy and money undermining election integrity laws and attacking those who support them.”

Calderon is charged with illegal voting, a 2nd degree felony in Texas. If convicted on the charge, she could face between two and 20 years in prison.

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