Migrants Entering U.S. Through Canadian Border Sector Exceed Prior Five Years Combined

Migrants apprehended in Swanton Sector exceed previous four years combined. (U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector)
U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector

Swanton Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more migrants who illegally crossed the border this year than in the previous five years combined. While the numbers dropped slightly in May the shocking trend continues.

Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia tweeted a report revealing that since the beginning of Fiscal Year 23 on October 1, his agents encountered more migrants that during the previous five years combined.

According to an unofficial Border Patrol report reviewed by Breitbart Texas, Swanton Sector agents apprehended more than 450 migrants in May. This brings the total for FY23 apprehensions in this sector to more than 3,800 migrants. During just the past two months, agents apprehended more migrants than during the entire year in FY22.

In addition to the more than 3,800 migrants apprehended this year, more than 1,800 more migrants are classified as known got-aways, according to an unofficial Border Patrol report reviewed by Breitbart. This brings the total number of known border crossers this year to more than 5,600 migrants.

During the past five fiscal years, Swanton Sector agents apprehended nearly 3,100 migrants who illegally crossed the Canadian border into part of northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. This year’s apprehensions during just the first eight months represent an increase of nearly 25 percent over the prior five-year total.

Chief Garcia tweeted a photo illustrating the dangerous tactics used by human smugglers in his sector. In a human smuggling attempt in October, two migrants in the U.S. illegally attempted to smuggle ten other Mexican migrants into northern New York. The smugglers packed the migrants into an overloaded SUV. The two human smugglers were eventually convicted in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York and will be deported back to their home nation.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York described the two smugglers as being “from Illinois” and made no reference to their illegal immigration status.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect a five-year comparison instead of the original four-year reference after receiving feedback from U.S. Border Patrol officials.


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