Swanton Sector

WATCH: Migrant Surge Continues Across Snow-Covered Canadian Border into U.S.

A video tweeted by Swanton Sector Border Patrol officials shows one of several groups of migrants apprehended after trekking across the snow-covered Canadian border into the United States. The 94 migrants from 11 nations add to the exponential surge where officials reported an increase in migrant apprehensions of 850 this fiscal year over last.

Swanton Sector Border Patrol agents apprehend a group of migrants trekking through the snow as they cross the Canadian border into the U.S. (U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector)

Previous Chilean Deportee Sentenced for Illegal Northern Re-Entry

A criminal illegal alien from Chile received a 30-month prison sentence this week after he was arrested illegally re-entering the United States from Canada. The man was travelling with another Chilean convicted criminal and two Chinese nationals at the time of his arrest.

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