Karaoke Ice Cream Truck Destroyed in Unsavory California Crash

San Jose’s favorite ice cream truck since 2010, the Treatbot, which offers delicious frozen confections accompanied by karaoke, has gone on a temporary hiatus after it was destroyed in a crash on Interstate Highway 280 near Palo Alto, California. 

The truck’s driver was reportedly cut off by another vehicle, which sent the 1968 Ford truck double barrel-rolling at 60 mph, according to the San Francisco Chronicle‘. Luckily, there were no reported injuries and the driver walked away with just a few scratches. 

One avid food truck tweeter likened the truck to a superhero whose heroic act saved the citizen driver: 

Treatbot enthusiasts should not fear,as a second musical ice cream truck was purchased several months ago and could be rolling about by week’s end once it becomes fully permitted. 

Rocky Road is not listed as a flavor on the Treatbot’s website, but Mint Condition is, forecasting the cool new appearance of the highly-anticipated truck.

Image source: PRWeb