Protests over Illegal Alien Kids Coming to Murrieta Resume

Protests over Illegal Alien Kids Coming to Murrieta Resume

Upon the predicted resumption of flights transporting illegal aliens from overcrowded Texas detention facilities to California for processing, a protest made up of concerned citizens reappeared this weekend. Sunday’s rally at Murrieta’s Border Patrol office included local citizens supporting Border Patrol officers while opposing the transfers.

The planned transfer of illegal aliens includes families and children and has been on again, off again, and is now on again. Flight plans scheduled for last week Monday to transport almost 300 illegal aliens on two separate flights were canceled at the last minute. The flights had been planned to transport 140 passengers each to the California cities of San Diego and El Centro.

Last week Sunday, protestors gathered in Murrieta to push back against the transfers, particularly the group coming in to San Diego that were scheduled to be shuttled up to the Murrieta Border Patrol station for processing.

Many pointed to public protest over the transports as the reason for the cancellations and predicted that flights would resume when the public was paying less attention. Breitbart News has reported that, as predicted, flight plans are scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

When it was discovered that flights would resume Tuesday, protesters again gathered with American flags and signs in protest of the transfer, according to a report by ABC 10 News.

Demonstrators held up signs that said, “God Bless Border Patrol,” “Stop Illegal Immigration,” and “Support U.S. Border Patrol.”

After speaking with a representative with the Border Patrol union, 10 News reported, “Agents will be taken off the streets to process all the immigrants” The outlet also reported that “the holding facility has no showers and not enough room,” adding, “Union officials say the immigrants will be overcrowded while they wait to get processed.”

Breitbart News has been tracking the rapid and overwhelming influx of immigrants from Central America, the vast number of unaccompanied children crossing, and the shifting of these detainees between locations in multiple states.

Breitbart Texas Editor Brandon Darby exposed photos of the overcrowded detention facilities in early June. Already tight Border Patrol resources are being further stretched, as they must manage the illegal alien detainees.

This situation is leaving officers more vulnerable in dangerous border sectors. Meanwhile, those being smuggled into the country face dangers, including physical and sexual abuse and death. In addition, Darby has noted that the shifting of detained illegal aliens between locations prevents state and local Child Protective Services from investigating.