Vegas-Style Express Wedding Chapel Comes to Sacramento

Vegas-Style Express Wedding Chapel Comes to Sacramento

California couples seeking a Las Vegas-style wedding need not travel further than Sacramento’s La Petit Chapel, which offers a “classier” alternative to the popular, often Elvis-officiated, Sin City wedding.

In the first “express chapel” of its kind in Northern California, the chapel measures only 14×28 feet, and can fit up to 30 people seated and 50 standing, the chapel’s minister, Dr. Barry Wachs, said to Breitbart News. 

An outdoor space is also available for the same “petite” starting price as an indoor wedding: $199 during the week, and $100 more on the weekends. The “express wedding” is offered at a discounted rate of $249 on the weekends. 

Minister Wachs (who holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a also, he says, a doctor of naturopathic medicine) told Breitbart News that he was inspired to open the chapel just two months ago, after he made the decision to retire from his holistic practice. He said he wanted a fun, part-time endeavor which yielded happy results. “I’ve been doing weddings for 24 years as a wedding officiator and I’ve married 875 couples in town.”  

Minister Wachs has already officiated several weddings at the chapel, which he says offers an “intimate, classy and affordable” choice “so couples don’t have to go into debt in order to have an enjoyable wedding experience.”  

Packages range between $199 and go up to $599, with the “Whole Enchilada,” which gives couples two and a half hours of access to the premises, as opposed to the usual 30 minutes offered with the “short and sweet” Level I option. A non-alcoholic champagne toast is also offered with the Whole Enchilada rate in addition to several other wedding-day amenities, such as a pillow for the rings and wedding march music. 

“I also offer a 25% discount for wounded warriors and active military members,” Minister Wachs said. He officiates weddings ranging in religious and ideological scope. “I do everything from agnostic to Zen.”

When Breitbart News asked Minister Wachs if he is married, he said, “I’m engaged,” and added that he is planning his very own nuptials in the coming days.

Photo: La Petite Chapel