Man Trampled by Bull at Alameda County Bull Run

Man Trampled by Bull at Alameda County Bull Run

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports that a man trampled by a bull at the Alameda County bull run as he attempted to record his flight on his phone while running away has seen his video go viral. Justin Triplett, who was knocked unconscious, recounted, “I’ve been wanting to go to Spain and run with the bulls for as long as I can remember.”

Ruefully pointing to his forehead, Triplett said, “The worst one is right about here, there’s a deep gash… It could have been so much worse. I’m not 100% sure about it.”

He remembered how it happened:

I took my phone out to record it, to show myself running backwards while I was running away. And the next thing I remember is that the crowd that was behind me dispersed, and I looked back and realized the bull was probably 10, 5 yards away from me. I pretty much stopped the rest of my body with my face. So it was all my fault for not getting out of the way.

Triplett said he’s simply glad to be alive, stating, “Every time I look at it I find more things that could have possibly gone horribly wrong… [I’m] just glad that I’m still here with you guys.”

In three weeks, Triplet plans to run in the Tough Mudder, he said, stating that he will have to run through “Barbed wire, electrified wires and ice-cold water.”

Organizers of the bull run said Triplett was the only participant who was hospitalized.