Alleged Bedbug Infestation Closes Theater in Rural Lodi

Alleged Bedbug Infestation Closes Theater in Rural Lodi

KTXL Fox 40 in Sacramento reports that two girls attending a movie at a theater in Lodi recently emerged with raised red welts on their arms and legs from bed bugs, prompting the theater to temporarily shut down. Lodi Stadium 12 is temporarily closed.

One girl said, “We looked at each other and we saw both of us had all of these red bumps all over us … panic. They were everywhere.”  An uncle of one of the girls, Matthew Wendt, went to the theater the next day to notify the theater of the problem, but the theater still allowed another crowd to come in and sit in the same seats, KTXL reports.

Another customer, Stephanie Booth, asserted that bed bugs bit her in the theater three weeks ago when she attended a movie with her daughter. She said, “I wish they had told us about it, or made a public notice about it.

The theater was closed on Sunday, KTXL reports, an action Wendt said was prompted by his post on Facebook. He said, “It went kind of viral. When it got really big, that’s when they closed the theater down.”

One of the girls told Fox 40, ‘I don’t think they’re 100% responsible, because somebody brought them in there.” But she added she was concerned about the way the welts looked, saying, “We just don’t want to be bullied.”