2016: Maher on the Jerry Brown Bandwagon

2016: Maher on the Jerry Brown Bandwagon

Momentum–of a sort–is building behind the idea that California governor Jerry Brown ought to run for President in 2016. On Friday, the same day that former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown argued that Hillary Clinton might lose after all unless Democrats make fundamental changes, Bill Maher argued on HBO’s Real Time that California’s newly re-elected Gov. Jerry Brown should be the party’s candidate in 2016.

Without mentioning Clinton, Maher called Brown the “one person who has a record of competence and reform unmatched in their party.” He noted Brown’s record in improving the state’s finances, and said he would easily outcompete his GOP rivals. The only obstacle to Brown, Maher said, might be his age. But “78 should not be too old to be president. Wisdom isn’t something you can just Google, and governing is where we need wisdom.”

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