Thief Steals $500K Worth of Drones with Wheelbarrow

Thief Steals $500K Worth of Drones with Wheelbarrow

Almost a dozen drones were stolen in the early Tuesday morning hours when a thief smashed the front door of PMG Multi-Rotors, grabbed nearly $500k in multi-rotor platforms, and carted them away in a simple wheelbarrow.

Video of the suspect caught on the store’s surveillance cameras shows the suspect smashing the doors of the Corona, California manufacturing facility and gathering the merchandise. Local station KTLA 5 spoke with Connor Wyse with PMG Multi-Rotors, who specified that the high value drones are used in movie production and can take weeks to manufacture.

Wyse told KTLA that surveillance from just hours before shows a suspect casing the space with the wheelbarrow in tow. There is a possibility that more than one suspect was involved.

Should an attempt be made to sell the pricey machines, serial numbers present on the stolen merchandise may be used to identify them.

Moving forward, the company plans to continue production and beef up security while they hope for the retrieval of the pilfered drones.