Firefighters Free Naked Woman From Fireplace

Woman Freed from Fireplace (Engineer Jared Hazelaar / Cal Fire Riverside)
Engineer Jared Hazelaar / Cal Fire Riverside
San Diego, CA

Riverside County firefighters freed a naked woman from a fireplace Saturday, posting photos of the rescue to Twitter that show the woman’s soot-laden legs dangling through a hole they had opened to free her.

Twenty-three firefighters were assigned in response to the call to help, according to a Riverside County Fire Department report. It took the responders two hours to free the woman from the chimney she had entered from the roof.

The woman had tried to enter the home, but found the door locked before attempting to enter through the chimney, according to the Los Angeles CBS News affiliate report, presenting the account of homeowner Tony Hernandez. Hernandez said the woman is the mother their three children, but he does not allow her around the children nor does she live with them said Hernandez.

The woman was transported to a local area hospital to be treated for minor to moderate injuries. Authorities did not list the name of the woman.

Image: Cal Fire Riverside, Engineer Jared Hazelaar via Twitter

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