Nude Man Streaks Through Vatican Basilica

A completely naked man wearing only a pair of sneakers and a backpack went streaking through Saint Peter’s Basilica Monday afternoon, until he was finally apprehended by members of the Vatican gendarmerie, or police force.The man is reportedly an Italian

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California Replete with Naked Miscreants

Two burglaries featuring naked suspects occurred roughly 400 miles apart in California on Monday. In Mira Mesa, an officer had to shoot a suspect who had burglarized a home, then resisted arrest after remaining impervious to two shots from a stun gun.


Firefighters Free Naked Woman From Fireplace

Riverside County firefighters freed a naked woman from a fireplace Saturday, posting photos of the rescue to Twitter that show the woman’s soot-laden legs dangling through a hole they had opened to free her.

Woman Freed from Fireplace (Engineer Jared Hazelaar / Cal Fire Riverside)