Suspended: Basketball Coach Led HS Team to 161-2 Blowout

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Arroyo Valley

Arroyo Valley High girls’ basketball coach Michael Anderson was suspended for two games for allowing his team to run up a score of  161 points against a Bloomington High team who managed to score only two points.

The lopsided victory cast Anderson in hot water earlier in the week when opposing team coach and parents criticized the slaughter as quintessential bad sportsmanship. “People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team. They should feel sorry for his team, which isn’t learning the game the right way,” Bloomington coach Dale Chung told the Daily Bulletin after the blow-out.

Moreover, Bloomington athletic director Chris Brickley asserted that, “I think they crossed the line although I don’t think Arroyo Valley agrees with that.”

Arroyo Valley, which this season has already won ten games by over thirty points, played a full-court press for the entire first half and led 104-1 at halftime. “We only got the ball past half court maybe four or five times in the first half,” Chung said.

“I didn’t play any starters in the second half,” said Anderson in his own defense. “I didn’t expect them (Bloomington) to be that bad, I’m not trying to embarrass anybody. And I didn’t expect my bench to play that well. I had one (bench) player make eight of nine 3s.”

So far Anderson has missed one of his two game suspension. Fortunately for him,  Arroyo pulled out a squeaker 80-19.

Chung told the Daily Bulletin after being notified of Anderson’s suspension, “He’s a great X’s and O’s coach. Ethically? Not so much. He knows what he did was wrong.”