San Diego Bodybuilders Consider Bulking Up with Breastmilk

Breast Milk (Associated Press)
Associated Press
San Diego, CA

Never ceasing to seek out new ways to boost performance, bodybuilders have been turning to a fresh infusion to their muscle building routine: breastmilk. Much debate has circled around the controversial practice, but recently some San Diego pro bodybuilders weighed in on the issue.


In interviews conducted at a San Diego gym, bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts responded to questions from Fox 5 San Diego regarding the increasing practice of turning to breastmilk for boosting performance. One woman said she had heard of the practice, but didn’t personally know anyone who had tried it.Rick Stephenson, owner of a WorldGym in San Diego and a former pro bodybuilder,  aid he didn’t blink for a moment at the idea–he’s heard of it all.

Websites like Only the Breast operate like the Craigslist of Breastmilk–with the option to buy, sell or donate excess mother’s milk.

A study published in the Pediatrics journal in October 2013 raised concerns over the disease risk of breastmilk purchased via the Internet. 74% of milk samples were colonized with Gramnegative bacteria, including Staphylococcus, as compared to samples taken from a milk bank.