HuffPo: Jerry Brown Using Gun Control to Protect Privilege Like Southern Democrats Used It to Protect Whites

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AP/Paul Sakuma

On September 11, The Huffington Post reflected on how southern Democrats used gun control—and their resulting superior firepower—as a de facto means of suppressing post-Civil War blacks, thereby maintaining a society where “average citizens” lived in the shadow of their “betters,” in clear violation of the 14th Amendment.

A century-and-a-half removed from these post-Civil War policies, the HuffPo claims that Governor Jerry Brown (D) is in a position to subjugate “average citizens” once again by signing a bill to bar concealed carry permit holders from carrying on campus, while making an exemption for former police–who “do not have any police powers”–to carry concealed on campus if they wish.

HuffPo points out that lawmakers could never have passed the concealed carry ban without the support of retired police officers; therefore, the very bill designed to ban campus carry includes a “segregated privilege” to assure former police officers that the law does not apply to them–“that they are not ‘little people.'”

Again, this gun control means “average citizens” will be unarmed while their “betters” will have other options.

HuffPo concludes:

At some point, someone will test this cozy theory of patronage that exists between legislatures and lobbyists to grant segregated privileges; to create “betters” among the People. It’s likely to result in the upheaval of … [awarding CCWs to retired officers, while law-abiding citizens are placed on hold], interstate reciprocity among cops, and a whole bunch of other things that Section 1 of the 14th Amendment will frown upon because the rest of America’s citizens don’t have equal access to the law.

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