San Francisco: Live in FedEx Truck for $600

FedEx truck (erikleenaars / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
erikleenaars / Flickr / CC / Cropped

Feeling squeezed by exploding rent increases in the Golden Gate City? Fear not, for there is a refurbished FedEx truck with your name on it–at a steal.

With San Francisco’s housing problems already hitting crisis levels (the smallest lot in the city, at 664 square feet, is asking $600,000), John D. Storey is renting out an out-of-commission FedEx truck complete with wood floors, a fold-out couch and a mini-fridge for just $600 per month, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

One thing that $600 per month won’t get the renter? A toilet and shower.

Storey, who documented the truck’s transformation into a semi-functional living space at his blog Make It Happen Wagon, reportedly planned to live in the truck himself, until he accepted a job in Utah, and subsequently, was able to afford to buy a house.

Instead, he decided to rent out the truck to recoup his investment, and according to reports, the truck was indeed rented by a San Francisco State University student this fall.

“The first time parking it was hard because I accidentally left the FedEx truck in a residential area and got yelled at,” the student, who only wanted to be identified as Cinthia, told the paper. “I only move it at night when no one is around. The hard part is not being able to be at your house and relax. You don’t have a place to shower, and that can be tough.”

Cinthia told the Chronicle that the battery on her makeshift home died one night before she could move it for street cleaning, leading to a pile of parking tickets upon her return.

Perhaps that’s why she moved out: according to the paper, the refurbished FedEx truck is currently available for rent.