California Gun Sales Surging in 2016

second gun

Gun sales in California are surging and on track to equal–if not surpass–the record number of guns sold during 2015.

According to KPCC, there were 63,393 guns sold in Orange County last year, a figure which includes handguns and long guns, and approximately 21,664 sold in that same county by April 15 of this year.

In Los Angeles County 132,376 guns were sold in 2015 and approximately 44,303 were sold by April 15 this year. And in Riverside County, there were 61,121 guns sold last year and approximately 21,435 by April 15, 2016.

The numbers for guns sold to date in 2016 are approximations because an unknown number of sales were still pending on April 15, awaiting the completion of background checks. So the actual figures for sales conducted January 1 to April 15 could actually be higher.

Vince Torres, who owns Bullseye Sport in Riverside, said the 2016 buying surge actually began in late 2015, following the San Bernardino terror attack. He indicated sales jumped again following President Obama’s January 5 announcement of executive gun control. Torres said, “Everybody and their mother was coming out and just getting firearms.”

Statewide, California broke its annual record for background checks last year, and it did so by November 30. This year could witness a repeat.

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