Telemundo Journalist Caught on Video Staging Anti-Trump Protesters

Telemundo Staging Shot at Protest Rebel Pundit

A cameraman for Spanish language television network Telemundo was caught on video admitting to staging anti-Trump protesters outside Donald Trump’s San Diego rally on Friday.

Filmmaker Andrew Marcus was documenting the protest when he caught the Telemundo cameraman getting anti-Trump protesters to pose for a shot and how to display their Mexican flag.

“Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go” chanted marching anti-Trump protesters at the opening of Marcus’s video which was posted to the website Rebel Pundit.

“Turn it around. It’s upside down,” the Telemundo cameraman told the protesters as he gestured to get two protesters to turn their Mexican flag  right-side up and facing forward. One of the protesters holding the flag was holding a “f**k Trump” sign in his opposite hand.

“Is that the media staging a shot?” Marcus called out. “Is Telemundo staging a shot?”

The camera-wielding Telemundo journalist mustered the response, “Uh, probably.”

As Marcus pressed further the journalist said simply, “What do you want me to do man? I’m not part of the protest bra.”

When asked why he, as a self-professed member of the media, was directing protesters, the journalist told Marcus, “f**k you man, I needa work.”

Marcus said that he was harassed by protesters and confirmed news posted on the Rebel Pundit website that his face was spit on.

Marcus told Breitbart News, “I had multiple people grab my camera. Others tried to grab stuff out of my hands. I filmed people throwing eggs. When I confronted them on camera to ask why they were throwing eggs they threatened to break my camera.”

A female protester defended the anti-Trumper that spit on Marcus’ face. He recounted the incident, “The girls said I should leave the kid alone because he was a minor. She was indeed anti-Trump.”

When asked about his overall of experience with protesters outside the San Diego Trump rally, Marcus recalled:

They were very aggressive and created a very dangerous and confrontational situation on the ground. The police did a great job of keeping people safe and shutting down the protesters who were harassing Trump supporters.

Marcus’s account correlated with reporting from Breitbart News that many anti-Trump protesters were hostile toward others. As police tried to clear the street in front of the rally venue in the hours after the event ended, protesters could be heard not only chanting “f**k Donald Trump,” but also “f**k the police.”

Breitbart News also captured a protester wielding a sign that read, “If TRUMP wins He’ll be DEAD with in A week The Cartel wont have his Bullsh*t.” Several other signs hurled derogatory slurs at Trump in both Spanish and English.

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