Donald Trump On Jobs Report: ‘It’s Going The Wrong Way Folks’


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump slammed the underperforming job market revealed by the Department of Labor’s May jobs report, as he spoke from the tarmac at his rally in Redding, California, on Friday.

“It’s going the wrong way folks,” Trump said of the poor jobs report. He went on to say “We have the worst jobs report in six and a half years.”

Early on Friday, Trump tweeted calling the jobs report, “terrible” and the “38,000 jobs added” a “Bombshell!”

The new Bureau of Labor Statistics report lays bare the record over 94 million Americans absent from the labor force.

“Our labor force participation rate, you’re talking about decades of a disaster,” said Trump. “People are making less money than they made 18 years ago and working harder.”

He described the report at a “bombshell.”

It was like a bombshell. They were expecting 150,000, maybe 200,000 [new] jobs, turns out to be 38,000. And they’re bad jobs folks, ya know. Even the other side says we don’t have good jobs anymore. Our good jobs are moving to Mexico along with the companies that are moving there. They’re moving to China which China is making all our product. They keep devaluing their currency … And I don’t blame the Chinese government and I don’t blame the Mexican government. I want our government to be smart. I want our government to get away with the kind of things they get away with. But we have leaders that don’t have a clue and Hillary Clinton’s at the top of the list. She’s incompetent, let’s face it.

“She can’t close the deal,” said Trump as he taunted Clinton over her struggle to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton continues to battle Sen. Bernie Sanders with polls looking increasingly favorable for the socialist senator.

“I think she’s pathetic,” Trump said of Clinton. He also slammed Clinton for her private email server scandal. “Who would be so stupid,” Trump said of Clinton’s handling of her emails that has led to a federal investigation into how she handled highly sensitive national security information.

“I’d like to run against her if you know the truth,” said Trump. He went on to say, “she put our country at risk.”

He also reminded the audience about the latest development in Clinton’s email scandal. “Did you see her IT Specialist? He’s taking the fifth,” Trump said of IT worker Bryan Pagliano that set up Clinton’s email server.

“I believe Hillary Clinton is going to be worse than Obama,” said Trump.

Trump also brought up another Clinton scandal involving receiving $16 million in funds from a school in what has been called a scam. “I think Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead our country, certainly at this time.”

“We have tremendous African American support,” said Trump, saying that the reason is that he will bring jobs back. He reemphasized that “we’re gonna win so much and we are going to Make America Great Again.”

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