Black Lives Matter Activist Gets Restraining Order for Targeting Home of Police Commissioner

Black Lives Matter

A restraining order was issued against Black Lives Matter activist Trevor Ferguson after he went to Los Angeles Police Commission President Matt Johnson’s office and home.

Testimony in the hearing for the restraining order revealed that Ferguson “barged into Johnson’s 10th floor law office, angrily confronting Johnson’s law partner.” The testimony indicated that Ferguson took “about 20 other Black Lives Matter protesters” with him when he went to Johnson’s office and that he “then went to Johnson’s home with a group of activists two days later.”

Commissioner Johnson is black and, according to the Los Angeles Times, Ferguson has been taunting him as a “houseboy.” Ferguson has previously attended Police Commission meetings to protest, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson ruled that Ferguson’s decision to go to Johnson’s office and home displayed an intention to “incite fear.” She explained, “I do have a real problem with the escalating, when a private office is invaded by Mr. Ferguson, when he’s hostile, then goes to the house. I don’t know what that’s doing except to instigate fear.”

Goodson ruled that Ferguson can continue to attend Police Commission meetings “but must keep a five-yard distance from Johnson.”

Commissioner Johnson responded to the ruling, saying, “The right to protest has led to tremendous gains for people who look like myself and Mr. Ferguson. It’s something I deeply respect. But there is a line, and for me, that line is when you threaten the safety of my family. Like any father, I’m not going to apologize for taking steps to protect the safety of my family.”

Ferguson’s attorney, Nana Gyamfi, said, “Matt Johnson showed that he actually is a houseboy. It’s ridiculous that he used a method and procedure people use to protect themselves from actual violence … to protect himself from embarrassment.”

Ferguson responded to reporters’ questions by saying, “Great is Allah.”

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