Sununu: Obama 'Lazy And Detached From His Job

Sununu: Obama  'Lazy And Detached From His Job

FOX News: Sean Hannity and former Governor John Sununu lambasted President Obama for going back and forth on the United States consulate attack in Libya. First the Obama administration claimed it was a result of an anti-Muslim video, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called it terrorism, but today the president decried the “disgusting” film repeatedly in his United Nations speech.

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi completely disagreed with the pair and brushed off any notion that this might by a cover up on the part of the Obama White House. Sununu said shame on the president for trying to hide the fact that “we knew ahead of time that September 11th was going to be a horrible day, that poor Ambassador Stevens understood he was in serious trouble there, that we left him under protected […] the assault was not a demonstration, but a well planned movement.”

Trippi defended that the attack is still under investigation, but Sununu shot back, “[Obama] is absolutely lazy and detached from his job.” He compared President Obama attending about 40 percent of his daily presidential briefings that come from the CIA to the previous three presidents who attended it every day, “this president thinks he’s smarter than those guys.”