Laura Ingraham Takes on Grover Norquist on Immigration

Laura Ingraham Takes on Grover Norquist on Immigration

On her Tuesday radio program, conservative host Laura Ingraham took on Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist over immigration reform. The interview began with a discussion on the difference between the Tea Party and the GOP establishment on spending and taxation, but quickly turned to immigration after Ingraham said Norquist seemed as though he wanted to avoid immigration with his “soliloquy” about another issue. Norquist protested Ingraham’s questions about immigration, which she said Norquist was “whining.”

Ingraham went on to claim that Norquist had falsely believed immigrants were the “magic solution for every economic woe” and stated that the idea that conservatives would be calling for “millions and millions of new workers” is “obscene.” Norquist accused Ingraham of being “snotty” when she launched an attack against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his support of immigration reform.

Later, Ingraham argued that businesses only supported immigration reform because they wanted cheap labor. Norquist countered that “you can’t talk about growing the middle class and tell the farmers to go to Hades in the same sentence.”

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