Dennis Miller Hits Biden, Pelosi in Appearance on Seth Meyer's 'Late Night'

Dennis Miller Hits Biden, Pelosi in Appearance on Seth Meyer's 'Late Night'

In an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” comedian Dennis Miller took aim at two prominent Democrats – Vice President Joe Biden and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Miller, a long-time anchor of “Saturday Night Live’s” “Weekend Update,” joined Meyers, who was also a long-time anchor of “Weekend Update,” to promote his comedy special, “Dennis Miller: America 180°.”

On Biden:

MILLER: Was Biden in this chair?

MEYERS: This was made — I don’t know if Biden — we switched chairs. So, this might have been it. You want to get a picture? The chair was here.

MILLER: I’m fascinated by Biden. He’s like my Bigfoot.

MEYERS: Oh, so just too even be in the same place that Biden was.

MILLER: I can’t tell if Biden is real or his hallucination of himself is so vivid, I happened to see it. To me, he’s like Uncle Rico in “Napoleon Dynamite” — always bragging about how he used to fling the pill and he can’t imagine how they got the big ship in the little bottle.

On Pelosi:

MEYERS: You — this is called “American 180°” and that’s basically it seems to me — the theme of it is —

MILLER: Listen, when i hear one of two major parties talking about job block — when I heard Pelosi. And by the way, why do i want to turn my healthcare over to a woman who chose that plastic surgeon, by the way?

MEYERS: I don’t know if that’s fair — 

MILLER: How would you like to go through life looking like you’re perpetually witnessing the docking of the Hindenburg? So anyway, you know, when I hear her talking about freeing yourself up from job block, that’s America 180° to me.

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