Law Enforcement: ISIS Militants 'Eyeing' Border

Law Enforcement: ISIS Militants 'Eyeing' Border

KSWB Fox 5 San Diego reports that “law enforcement officers issued warnings that ISIS militants are eyeing the US-Mexican border.” According to Fox 5, the warning comes after officials spotted “more than 30 posts on social media sites Facebook and Twitter by users believed to be ISIS militants.”

Homeland Security Expert Ron Bee told KSWB that even though “we shouldn’t be afraid,” “The Border Patrol has been aware of this and has been overwhelmed by the number of immigrants; that does open a hole, as it were, in the Southern border.”

Bee also said that terrorists do use drug cartels to sneak through the border, and Fox 5 statess “government officials are monitoring social media sites. They’re looking for clues on when and where an attack could happen. Homeland Security is keeping a close eye on Juarez, a Mexican city bordering Texas thanks to threatening tweets.”

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