WH Promises Immigration Action 'By the End of the Year'

WH Promises Immigration Action 'By the End of the Year'

White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz promised that President Barack Obama will act on immigration “by the end of the year.”

“The most important thing is that he [Obama] does intend to act, and he’ll do it by the end of the year … he’ll be delaying for a few weeks until after the political season, but he’ll act by the end of the year,” she said on Monday’s “Jose Diaz-Balart” on MSNBC.

Muñoz also blamed a political “maelstrom” on immigration, and the Republican Party for failing to pass immigration reform in the House, stating “earlier this year we were dealing with a house of representatives and a speaker of the house that was weighing out principles for an immigration reform debate that was talking about bringing a bill up for a bipartisan vote. We continue to believe that if they had brought a bill up for a bipartisan vote, then immigration reform would have passed. Instead, what we got in July was a Republican House that the only thing they passed with respect to immigration has to do with deporting dreamers.”

She also declared that the White House delayed executive action so it could make its case to the American public, reporting that “the situation at the border, is in fact, improving, and the president said he wants an opportunity to talk people through it.”

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