Chris Matthews: 'Homeland' Is a Code Word Neocons Use to Drag Us into War

Chris Matthews: 'Homeland' Is a Code Word Neocons Use to Drag Us into War

Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host  Chris Matthews became pointed offered his thoughts on the word “homeland” after playing a clip of President Barack Obama using the term.

Matthews launched into a rant saying, “I’m uncomfortable with the phrase homeland. It strikes me as totalitarian. It suggests something strange to me. Like who else are we defending except America? Why don’t you just say America? As if we’re facing some existential armageddon threat from these people. Do you buy the phrase homeland? I never heard it growing up, never heard it in my adulthood. It’s a new word. Why are we using it? Is there some other place we’re defending? what are we talking about when we say homeland? it’s the language of the neocons to get us further into wars.”

His guest Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) agreed saying, “From my point of view, It’s more of the war mongering that George Bush used to get us in in it the favorite place. We started out hearing about weapons of mass destruction. That was untrue. Absolutely untrue, and he knew it, but he took us into this war and then was about getting Osama bin Laden, and after that, it was a democracy, and after that, it was the awakening of the people out in the Anbar province and they have been shifting, but it’s all about war mongering, trying to make people at home afraid because they think know that if you can make people afraid, you can make them do anything. They can to keep the American people afraid for him to carry on this kind of stuff. I don’t like the term homeland and all this because it’s really war mongering. They’re stuck trying to deal with Iraq. They got dams and all kinds of things they’re working with. They’re not coming to the United States.”

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