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George Will: 'Partners' Combatting ISIS Still Unclear After Obama Speech

George Will: 'Partners' Combatting ISIS Still Unclear After Obama Speech

On a special broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” following President Barack Obama’s address of taking on ISIS in the Middle East, Washington Post columnist George Will questioned some of the unknowns in the Obama policy, which he said seemed to be too reliant on air power.

“The president has promised our air power and someone else’s troops. ‘Our partners’ he calls them and the phrase ‘our partners’ he uses is almost a pronoun with no antecedent because we don’t know who is going to pony up the troops. If there is anything that modern military history repeatedly taught is overestimation of air power. It’s powerful. It’s important. It can do wonderful things. It doesn’t win wars. Wars are won when ground is occupied by men with rifles. Who is going to do that? Who is going to take these cities? The president talks about targeted air strikes. That’s again a way of minimizing it. This is surgical strikes – all these clichés we’ve heard before. We’re going up against ISIS. It is not a great military force. But when it ran into Syrian army at that air base in Syria, it routed them. So it’s going to take air power plus and who will be the plus after the speech isn’t clear.”

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