Mariam Ibraheem: Embassy Wouldn't Listen to Me, Thanks Lanier

Mariam Ibraheem: Embassy Wouldn't Listen to Me, Thanks Lanier

Mariam Ibraheem, a Sudanese woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity reported that officials at the US Embassy in Sudan initially “refused to deal with” her, while thanking the current US Charge D’Affairs to Sudan, Ambassador Jerry Lanier for his work on her behalf, through a translator on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“In the beginning, before I went to prison, Daniel and I first went to the US Embassy. The Consul refused to speak to us and hear the details of the problem. She refused to deal with us and told us to go to the UN However, Ambassador Jerry Lanier stood by me, and his support made a big difference in my life” she stated.

Ibraheem added that she “was given three days [to renounce her Christian faith]. In addition to that, while I was in prison some people came to visit me from the Muslim Scholars Association. These were imams that created an intervention by citing parts of the Quran for me. I faced a tremendous amount of pressure.”

She also said that Christian persecution is common in the Sudan, and that there were many women like her who have been mistreated by the government for not practicing Islam.  Ibraheem reported that individuals are sometimes promised that any debts they have incurred will be paid off if they convert to Islam.

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