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Scottish Independence Leader Hints Yes Vote Could Advance Socialism

Scottish Independence Leader Hints Yes Vote Could Advance Socialism

Former Labour MP and Chairman of the Yes Campaign in Scotland, Dennis Canavan, appeared to state that Scottish independence is a means of advancing Socialism in Scotland in an interview on BBC 1 Oxford’s coverage of the Scottish independence vote.  

When asked “is this the way to get Socialism in Scotland, in essence, do it through a Yes campaign, rather than the Labour Party?” Canavan responded “I think there would be a better chance of a left of center agenda being a consensus within the people of Scotland, and within the Scottish Parliament. Compared to the wishy-washy diluted nonsense we have to experience at Westminster, where even the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, is intent on continuing the Tory benefit cap, is intent on cutting further the welfare for young people, and of course keeping the Trident nuclear weapon. This is all anathema to most Scots.”

Canavan also said “I have come to the conclusion, that Westminster is completely out of touch with the people of Scotland, whereas the Scottish Parliament responds far more effectively, far more positively to the wishes, the needs and the aspirations of the people of Scotland, you know, on things like the abolition of the university tuition fees.”

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