Ingraham: 'Immigration Could Be to 2016 What Obamacare Was to 2010'

Ingraham: 'Immigration Could Be to 2016 What Obamacare Was to 2010'

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham stressed the importance of immigration to the 2016 presidential election and assessed the declining probability of the Republican Party re-taking the Senate on Friday.

Ingraham pointed out that because “the establishment pretty much got all the candidates they wanted.” “if the GOP loses … all these people [in the establishment] who have been running around high-fiving each other…all of them should be fired.”

She argued that simply attacking President Obama was insufficient because “you have to argue for an affirmative agenda,” and that immigration was an “underutilized” issue for the GOP. 

Ingraham then responded to Karl Rove’s charge that Republicans needed to give more money to support GOP Senate candidates, saying “how much money did the establishment spend to save Thad Cochran … Eric Cantor … Lamar Alexander … [and] Lindsey Graham?”

She concluded by declaring immigration could be the unifying issue that pushes the Republican Party to victory in 2016 in the same way Obamacare provided the impetus for the Republican victories in 2010, stating, “immigration could be to 2016 what ObamaCare was to 2010.”

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