Cheney: Obama Has Refused 'to Accept Good Military Advice'

Cheney: Obama Has Refused 'to Accept Good Military Advice'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Obama “has consistently demonstrated…a refusal to accept good military advice” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“The longer it [the US’ military action against ISIS] takes the costlier it will be in terms of lives and treasure. When we did Desert Storm, we gave them the whole load the first night of the war. We pulled out all the stops in terms of using all of our capability. When you have pinprick attacks as they were doing initially with respect to the air campaign, that’s what you get. You give the enemy time to adjust to go underground, to take care of protecting themselves from those attacks and they’re less effective when you telegraph what you’re going to do, and Barack Obama has consistently demonstrated, I think, a refusal to accept good military advice in terms of how he actually uses the force.”

Cheney did express support for parts of Obama’s ISIS policy, arguing that the airstrikes inside Syria were a good step, but were “not going to get the job done” by themselves. He also expressed that the coalition of Arab countries the US had enlisted to help fight ISIS were “a good addition, [but] it doesn’t get you over the goal line,” and that the US “long way from solving the problem” of ISIS.

Cheney concluded by declaring that the president’s policies were responsible for an increase in the threat of terrorism and increased aggression by nations like Russia, saying “he [Obama] has a worldview that is inaccurate and doesn’t match the reality out there and when he comes up against that inconsistency…he doesn’t know what to do.”

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