Pat Roberts: 'I Will Always Fight Amnesty'

Pat Roberts: 'I Will Always Fight Amnesty'

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) declared his opposition to granting amnesty for illegal immigrants and contrasted this with his Independent opponent’s support for amnesty on Friday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“[Orman] says he that wants to grant citizenship to all illegal aliens if they pay a small fine and promise to obey the law, these people have already broken the law. I have fought amnesty every time I will always fight amnesty, that’s a big difference in our debate” he said.  Roberts added that he would “absolutely not” support increasing guest workers in the United States.

Ingraham argued that Roberts should make his opposition to amnesty and increased guest workers a pivotal issue, declaring “I think of all the issues in your race, his position on the need to prop up illegal workers, and to keep businesses happy with cheap labor, that’s your sweet spot senator, that’s it. He’s going to say he’s independent, I hold both parties accountable, but you actually have done that. You did that with George W. Bush’s attempt to cram down immigration amnesty with John McCain, you stood against this most recent attempt to do it in the U.S. Senate, you actually took on your party.” 

And “Pat Roberts voted the right way every time this issue came up. And you need to be known to those people, Senator, as a warrior for the American working class. That’s where the Republican Party has lost its way. That’s why the Republicans are not killing it in all these Senate races, which they should be.”

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