Andrea Mitchell: Why Aren't we 'Bombing the Hell Out of' ISIS?

Andrea Mitchell: Why Aren't we 'Bombing the Hell Out of' ISIS?

MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” anchor Andrea Mitchell grilled Pentagon Spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby on why the US wasn’t more aggressively bombing ISIS militants who were operating out in the open on Monday.

After Kirby admitted that ISIS militants were operating in the open, Mitchell asked “why aren’t we just bombing the hell out of them right there?” She added “we’re not hitting people so as much as we’re hitting a tank here and a placement there…we’re not hitting troops or forces. 

Kirby responded “it’s a little bit of both, right now Andrea, the prime focus in Syria has been, in the last few days, on strategic targets, things that get at their ability to sustain themselves. That’s why we hit those oil refiners, and we hit more over the weekend. You are also starting to see the target list change a little bit in Syria to include some tactical targets as well some vehicles and some check points and that kind of thing. So, we are mixing it up a little bit and we are hitting them a little harder in the north and still in Iraq as well.”

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