Hume: Chickens Coming Home to Roost from US Foreign, Military Policy

Hume: Chickens Coming Home to Roost from US Foreign, Military Policy

On Monday’s “Special Report,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume pointed to recent events involving the United States’ efforts on the war on terror as proof that President Barack Obama’s policies haven’t proved to work as well as the administration may had previously hoped.

Hume noted Obama’s remarks tying blame to the U.S. intelligence community, but said ultimately it was those broader policies that deserve the blame.

“An American Muslim convert with a Facebook page that could have been written by Osama bin Laden himself chops off the head of a former co-worker – ‘workplace violence,’ says the FBI,” Hume said. “American warplanes bomb a previously little known terror group called Khorasan. The raid is carried out under the president’s legal authority to attack on his own when there is an imminent threat — and who is this suddenly imminently threatening Khorasan? It turns out to be an al Qaeda cell populated by people who belong in what the administration likes to call ‘core al Qaeda.’ You remember core al Qaeda? That’s a group Mr. Obama has claimed was decimated. The president says America underestimated the threat from ISIS, formerly known as al Qaeda in Iraq, and who did the underestimating? Why it was National Intelligence Director Jim Clapper and his colleagues. Mr. Obama told ’60 Minutes’ Clapper has acknowledged as much. Today though Obama spokesman Josh Earnest, as you heard, said Mr. Obama was not trying to blame Clapper. How did we ever get that idea? What has happened here is simple. President Obama badly misjudged the strength and resilience of America’s terrorist enemies and has adopted a foreign and military policy that has allowed them to regroup and resurge. Now we can see the chickens coming home to roost and the administration would like us to think we are seeing something else.”

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