Perry: WH Must Address OK Beheading

Perry: WH Must Address OK Beheading

In an appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends” on Monday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) expressed his desire for the Obama White House to speak out on last week’s beheading at a Vaughn Foods plant in Moore, OK, which was allegedly committed by Alton Nolen, who was likely motivated by Islamic extremism.

“At some point in time the administration does have to address this as what is appears to many people that it is — and that is an act of violence that is associated with terrorism,” Perry said.

“I think Americans are confused about what this is,” he added. “This is a clear case of an individual going in and doing something that does not meet their definition of ‘workplace violence’ so I think any rational thinking American is going to look at this and go, ‘This is more than just normal workplace violence.’”

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