GOP Candidate Stefanik: Obama Has 'Piled On' Main Street

GOP Candidate Stefanik: Obama Has 'Piled On' Main Street

Elise Stefanik, a Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 21st district argued that President Obama has “piled on” harmful policies that have hurt small businesses during the Weekly GOP Address on Saturday. 

“Washington has made it harder for small businesses like ours to succeed and grow.  President Obama has piled on more taxes, more regulations, more debt for future regulations, and higher healthcare costs hurting our Main Street economy” she said.

She reported that her family’s small business lost their healthcare plan, and that their new policy had premiums that were 30% higher, as well as increased co-pays and deductibles.  Stefanik vowed to work to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

She also pledged support for tax reform and argued Congress should “clear out” special interest loopholes.  In addition, she advocated an “all of the above energy policy” that included “expanding energy exploration,” and “developing more nuclear energy.”

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