SNL Mocks Obama for ISIS, Secret Service

SNL Mocks Obama for ISIS, Secret Service

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” mocked President Obama’s response to ISIS and the scandals in the Secret Service in a sketch satirizing the president’s interview with “60 Minutes.”

After President Obama is asked whether the ISIS threat was underestimated, he responds, “without question, yes, and obviously my entire administration shares the blame for that. But first, can I throw one particular person under the bus?”  He then throws Director of National Intelligence James Clapper under the bus.

The president also says “that’s just how we roll. We roll slow and deliberately. Almost like we have no idea where we’re rolling to.  Then someone pushes us, and suddenly we’re rolling straight downhill into oncoming traffic” when he is asked about the US bearing the brunt of the responsibility to fight ISIS. 

SNL even made fun of the president for arguing that ISIS is not Islamic. In the sketch President Obama walks back that statement by stating “did you know that the first ‘I’ in ISIS stands for Islamic? I mean, who knew?”

After the focus of the interview shifts to the Secret Service, the president tries to argue that the problems at the Secret Service have been solved, but is interrupted by an agent telling him “excuse me, Mr. President, there is a man with a sharpened screwdriver here to see you. We think that this be time sensitive as he was running across the front lawn. You know what, I’ll just have him wait in the Oval Office.”

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