Mark Levin Blasts 'Arlen Specter in a Dress' Susan Collins

Mark Levin Blasts 'Arlen Specter in a Dress' Susan Collins

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin, sharply criticized Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) for her statement that Obamacare would not be repealed on Friday, dubbing her “Arlen Specter in a dress.” 

“We’re past the point, you know, because it was passed three and a half years ago, and that’s a lifetime for liberal Republicans, the Republican Party is a liberal party, the Democratic Party is a radical party” he stated.

He then argued, “so, when people say ‘let’s just elect the Republicans’…I understand that the Democrats are more radical, more detestable, more diabolical, but ladies and gentlemen, we need a party, we need people who will stand with us.”  He also declared “she speaks for most Republicans, including the Speaker of the House and the Republican leader in the Senate.”

He also stated that the surrender on Obamacare was an example of the “ratchet effect,” where government interventions are never eliminated.

In another segment, during a discussion with a caller, he referred to Collins as “Arlen Specter in a dress.”

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