AZ Sheriff: Mexican Gov't Paying to Keep Illegals in USA

AZ Sheriff: Mexican Gov't Paying to Keep Illegals in USA

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” Pinal Co, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said it is, “sickening,” the U.S. government is doing nothing to stop the Mexican government from paying for low-income immigrant’s applications to the Obama administration’s deferment program.

Babeu said, “It makes good sense for them financially because of all the money earned here in the United States, gets funneled back down into Mexico and buttresses up their economy. Clearly if they were actual partners with the United States, they would say, well, of course, bring all these illegals back and we’ll take them. but that not the case. they’re actually funding their defense, their legal defense to fight deportation so they can stay here in the ute. this is unacceptable.” 

When asked what the United States is doing to stop the problem, “Next to nothing, and this is where they’ve not only been complicit, they’ve been supporting this over years, and it is actually sickening to see the response from our own government here in the United States because I and other law enforcement officers are charged to enforce the laws that lawmakers pass. The president is supposed to carry out the laws that lawmakers pass, and yet he undermines the rule of law when it comes to this. Almost like there is no law when it comes to immigration,”he added.

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