Beck: Ebola Response 'Criminally Incompetent'

Beck: Ebola Response 'Criminally Incompetent'

Talk radio host Glenn Beck slammed the Obama administration for its response to the Ebola virus on Wednesday, arguing that their response was “criminally incompetent.”

“You’re listening to broadcast that is 15 miles away from that hospital, 15 miles, we now have…four employees that, just this morning, have come to work and said ‘that guy who just went into the hospital, that’s my apartment complex’” he reported.

Beck wondered aloud what should be done regarding these employees, and blasted the CDC for not providing needed information, and declared “this is the problem with the CDC, what do we do?”

He described the federal government’s Ebola response as “massive, massive incompetence.” Adding, this administration, and the entire government, is going to go down as criminal on this. They are going to be remembered as criminally incompetent on this.” And “we’re not thinking, we’re being politically correct.”

Beck also pointed out that the virus will have more chances to mutate if more people contract it, which increases the likelihood that the virus could become more easily transmissible.  He concluded, “and what is the CDC doing? They’re playing the blame game…it’s time for an adult to show up in Washington DC.”

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