Laura Ingraham on Ebola Outbreak: 'Where Is John Boehner?'

Laura Ingraham on Ebola Outbreak: 'Where Is John Boehner?'

On her Wednesday show, conservative talker Laura Ingraham criticized House Speaker John Boehner for his lack of action in dealing with the Ebola outbreak.

Ingraham specifically referred to the House of Representatives’ recess and called on Boehner to bring the House back into sessions and pass legislation that would enact a travel ban from West African countries, which would be a measure that the Obama administration has refused to take.

“This is exactly what we feared would happen when the U.S. government refuses to shut down air travel between West Africa and the United States of America,” Ingraham said. “I’m going to say this again: Where is John Boehner? I’m going to keep saying this: Why don’t Republicans come back into session and pass legislation to close air travel from West Africa of West African citizens, not America citizens – West African citizens – back to this country?”

“Republicans have to do this,” she continued. “Democrats might kick and scream but I think in the end they’ll support this because 67 percent of the public want this done. Obama refuses to do this as an executive matter. He has a phone and a pen. He has a phone and a pen and he’ll do all sorts of stuff with that phone and a pen to help Democrats. Will he do anything with a phone and a pen to help save lives of Americans?”

“John Boehner needs to call the House back into Session today to vote on this,” she added. “And while you’re at it – vote on this non-war war. That’s your constitutional responsibility.”

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