CNN Questions 'Ebola Czar' — Has Zero Medical Experience

CNN Questions 'Ebola Czar' — Has Zero Medical Experience

Friday afternoon on CNN’s “Newsroom,” anchor Brooke Baldwin questioned the Obama administration’s appointment of Ron Klain as the United States’ new “Ebola czar.”

“Here’s the thing,” Baldwin said. “This ‘Ebola czar’ has zero medical experience. His name is Ron Klain, let me just run down a checklist of his experience.”

Baldwin then read through a graphic of Klain’s resume, which includes experience as a lawyer, a former chief of staff for Vice President Joe Biden and then-Vice President Al Gore, and President of Case Holdings. Klain is also reportedly a Democratic Party insider.

Baldwin then brought on guest Elaine Kamarck of the Center for Effective Public Management, Brookings Institute, who previously worked with Klain under Vice President Gore, to question her about the Klain’s appointment.

“Doesn’t the nation need a medical expert at the helm at this time?” Baldwin asked Kamarck.

“Well, the president has appointed Ron not to treat patients, not to look into the biochemistry of the disease,” Kamarck answered. “He’s appointed Ron to coordinate the governmental response… the governmental response runs all the way from transportation, from the FAA, TSA, checking passengers who are coming into the country, education, what about schools, what if something happens in a school, military…

“In other words, the governmental response has little to do with the medicine part of the Ebola crisis,” Kamarck said.

Baldwin didn’t let up.

“We do know that he will have to speak about things medicinal, about the science, so still, I push you a little bit on that.”

“Look, I suspect, knowing Ron as I do, that when there is something to be talked about that is scientific or purely medical, he’s going to call upon the best doctors in the country, the CDC or wherever they are, and they will be speaking, and he will simply be introducing them.”

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