Buchanan: CDC 'Speaking Out of an Ideology'

Buchanan: CDC 'Speaking Out of an Ideology'

Conservative columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that the CDC was “speaking out of an ideology, not out of common sense” on Saturday’s “America’s News HQ” on the Fox News Channel.

“Some of these gentlemen down there at CDC and others, I’m sure they are brilliant in their fields, but when they start talking ‘well, we can’t have a ban on flights there, that would affect the economies,’ they don’t anything about that.  They seem to me basically to be speaking out of an ideology, not out of common sense, on what we ought to do and what ought not to be done” he stated.

Buchanan argued that “we’ve got to, in effect, quarantine, to a degree, West Africa. You don’t want people who are infected with this disease bringing it into the United States. I saw a figure the other day where it said by December 10,000 people a week are going to come down with this disease. Already, thousands are dead. Why in heaven’s name would you not have some clearance process to keep any and all of these folks who have this disease out of the United States, beginning with a ban on commercial planes?”

He also predicted that a flight ban would eventually be implemented, but the reason for the decision is “not going to be politics, it’s going to be medicine. I think, you know, one, two or three more people bringing this disease into the United States from West Africa and you’ll have a clamor on the part of the entire American people to act and do something about it.”

Buchanan also slammed President Obama’s handling of the Ebola situation, saying “I think the president of the United States, by his lackadaisical attitude and his being behind the curve and everything’s okay is responsible, if there is any hysteria, but there is justified alarm on the part of the American people when you see what’s happened to these three or four people and the enormous amount of attention that’s given to them in order to prevent this from spreading.” 

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