CNN: Grimes Family Business Only Pays Minimum Wage

CNN: Grimes Family Business Only Pays Minimum Wage

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” the democrat candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has been pushing for raising the minimum wage by saying, “I’m fighting for all Kentuckians, all working Americans across this nation. I don’t believe $7.25 an hour raises a family of four above the poverty level,” was taken to task for her families restaurant paying their employees only a minimum wage.

CNN’s Chris Frates reported, “You might be surprised that Grimes’ family business pays some tipped employees only minimum wage. Here in Kentucky, servers at, “Huge Jass Burgers,” are making just $2.13 an hour. That’s the minimum wage for tipped employees and it hasn’t budged since the ’90s. The minimum wage for workers who aren’t making tips is $7.25 an hour, a figure that last increased five years ago.”

According to CNN’s report, waiters at the “Hugh Jass Burgers” restaurant in Kentucky, Grimes’ family restaurant, make just $2.13, the minimum wage allowed to tipped employees since the 90’s.

“My family is not in this race, I’m on the ballot,” Grimes said in response to questions about her family’s compensation practices.

However, CNN found that Grimes is actually somewhat, if not directly, involved in the family’s restaurant, having done legal work for the business, like signing the lease agreement and representing the restaurant in a lawsuit.

The CNN report also notes that Grimes has attacked Republicans for sexism on the campaign trail, while her family’s restaurant menu uses double entendres that could be construed as demeaning to women.

On the menu at the restaurant are food items like “Charlotte’s Rack,” with the sub-header, “Sure to be voted ‘Biggest Rack,’” and “Abby’s Hugh Jass,” named after Grimes’ sister. The restaurant also sells a novelty cooking apron with the phrase, “Check out my buns,” printed across the front.

Grimes did not respond to a request for comment from CNN’s investigative team regarding the use of double entendres at the restaurant.

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