Ingraham Callers: Illegal Immigration Is Hurting Us

Ingraham Callers: Illegal Immigration Is Hurting Us

Two callers to Wednesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show” who identified themselves as immigrants from Central America argued that illegal immigration was hurting their economic livelihood’s and lack of assimilation was hurting the US.

One caller, named Edward, and said he was an immigrant from Mexico, reported “I work construction and I have a problem with illegal immigrants because they’re basically taking the food off of our table for all the legal people when they can work for half the price. And, it’s not only white people that are suffering or blacks. Even Latinos like myself…everybody’s hurting that is legally here.” And “we need to shut the border down, basically. Our country can only take so many in, and I think we’re overdoing it. I work for a union and all of the guys are suffering. We’re get our wages cut every year…because the unions have to compete with the people that are hiring illegals.”

Norman, who stated he immigrated from Honduras remarked “I love this country to death…the differences [between older immigrants] and the new immigrants we think very different. We wanted to come over to this country to be a part of this country, to become Americans, but now I see that it’s totally different.”

Norman blasted media outlets for sending a message of entitlement, saying, “you have Univision, Telemundo…making [illegal immigrants] understand that they are entitled to be in this country.” And “it’s a very ugly message [they’re] sending to the Latinos, by making them feel like they’re the victims, that we are entitled to this and that, we don’t have to learn the language. Of course they would be bankrupt if every Latino would speak English English nobody’s going to watch Telemundo or Univision.”

He added, “you tell people the truth and they just call you a bigot…most of the Latinos now, they’re not interested in becoming American, and in fact you can see the liberals now, they feel embarrassed to be American, so they [Latinos] don’t want to become American either.”

Norman concluded, “Latin America is a broken system. Why? Because it’s the same system that Obama is running to, it’s not what you can do for your country it’s what your country can give me…the masses, they flock behind these fake leaders, and that’s what the Democratic Party is running to, they learned that from Latin America. And that’s why they need more Latinos here because they follow that [model].”

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