Milton Wolf Endorses Pat Roberts

Milton Wolf Endorses Pat Roberts

Dr. Milton Wolf, who unsuccessfully challenged Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) in this year’s primary announced his endorsement of Roberts on Thursday’s “Mark Levin Show.”

“We live in a difficult time, I think our republic is in trouble…in Harry Reid you have something pretty spectacular, you have a Senator, a Majority Leader who is Barack Obama’s lead blocker, and we have got to put a stop to that” Wolf declared.

Even though Wolf did not walk back some of his criticisms of Roberts, he said “the reality is, with Senator Pat Roberts…whatever you think of him, his re-election to the Senate may well be the deciding vote that dethrones Harry Reid, and if you love our republic, if you love our country you have to know that we have to dethrone Harry Reid.”

Wolf also laid out the choice for Republicans, arguing “we have a choice right now, are we going to allow Harry Reid to have that gavel in the Senate, or are we going to put a stop to those Democrats? Now, look, we’d love to have all constitutional conservatives in the Senate…we’ve got to win with who we’ve got.”

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