West Hammers Obama, Holder for Roles in Grievance and Race-Baiting Industries

West Hammers Obama, Holder for Roles in Grievance and Race-Baiting Industries

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) slammed President Barack Obama and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder for the double standard applied to black-on-white crime versus white-on-black incidents, in particular the announcement of the St. Louis grand jury’s decision not to try Ferguson, MO Police Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

“Well, there is no doubt that it is. As a matter of fact, when you look at all the other cases out there in the reverse, you can go right down to Virginia, where four black gang members brutally carjacked a reserve police officer by the name of Cpt. Kevin Quick and killed him, but yet Eric Holder said the death penalty had to be taken off of that case. We saw out in Spokane, WA where two black teenagers bludgeoned to death a World War II Okinawa veteran. There was nothing said there. In East Central Oklahoma, the Australian baseball player killed by two biracial teenagers. There was no emphasis there. The black teenager who shot a toddler in the face with a .22-caliber pistol. There was nothing done there. And Brendan Tevlin, not too far from you in New Jersey, was killed by a black man stating he was a jihadist. There was no emphasis there. The Georgia Democratic Party used mail pieces to say if you voted for a Republican candidate in the Senate race, you could possibly have a Ferguson in the state of Georgia. So, this is all about politics.

West went on to criticize Obama and Holder for neglecting to address problems in the black community with the purpose of bettering that political standing.

“For one thing, Eric Holder said that he is very fine with being an activist and this is their definition of social justice. This is once again being a part of the grievance industry and the race-baiting industry that continues to keep the black community in a situation of economic servitude and also it is about electoral votes. The unfortunate and sad thing is that no one is looking at is the consequences of Michael Brown, his actions and what it resulted in, tragically, is his death. We really need a discussion in the black community about families, about families being together, about education, about young black men having respect for authority and better jobs and education opportunities. The left, the progressive socialist, Barack Obama, Eric Holder — they don’t want that discussion.

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