Ingraham: Hal Rogers ‘Needs to be Primaried’

Ingraham: Hal Rogers ‘Needs to be Primaried’

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham argued that House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) “needs to be primaried” on Thursday.

“Hal Rogers, who’s the Appropriations Committee Chairman from Kentucky in the House of Representatives, I have concluded needs to be primaried. Hal Rogers refuses to consider the sensible process of defunding Obama’s executive amnesty and instead throws up all of these false road blocks to defunding Obama’s executive amnesty, which we have exposed here on this show like, you can’t defund a program that’s funded on fees.’ Well, in fact, we have done it in the past including last year more than a dozen times. Hal Rogers clearly wants this executive amnesty to go through, in part, so he’s not going to fight on the funding as we need him to, and that’s a betrayal of the American worker. He must be primaried. We need a strong advocate for the American worker from Kentucky to work for us and work for the people of Kentucky, so we’re going to be working with our friends in Kentucky to try to find a suitable primary candidate for Hal Rogers. And I know a lot of people are already contacting us and suggesting folks. And, anything I can do to help, I’ll be happy to help” she said.

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